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 Guild Rules for Membership

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PostSubject: Guild Rules for Membership   November 27th 2007, 3:51 pm

    Rules And Regulations of Ill Will

  • Always Say Hello and Good Bye when logging in and out of guild chat. We are a family, not strangers. Please give us all this common courtesy.
  • IW has a 2 week probationary period in which you may be dismissed for any reason at leaders/officers discression. Any negative feedback from before or after you joined IW counts as negative feedback and will be addressed with a dismissal.
  • Acting in anyway disrespectful to leaders, officers, or any other EQ player gets you an immediate dismissal from guild. (one stike and you are OUT). These actions tarnish our IW name.
  • Always be Polite and Courteous to Everyone, not only your fellow guild members
  • Be Helpful to your guildies, as well as to anyone that you cross paths with while living in the Ill Will Family. Our guild name is our reputation and no one wants that scarred.
  • No kill stealing
  • No Deliberate Training of your mobs onto another player.
  • We are an adult guild. However, extreme vulgarity, excessisive swearing,or unacceptable crudeness in guild chat will not be tolerated.
  • Always play to have fun.
  • Need before greed. When grouped, or on a raid, it is appreciated that the loot goes to whomever it is an upgrade for. This does not pertain to alts. If the loot is an upgrade for someones main, and an upgrade for your alt, please do not keep it.
  • DO NOT ASK FOR GEAR, ITEMS, OR TO BE POWER LEVELED. This is consideredto be very rude. Besides, the only way to learn you class is to play it. When you PL all the way to a high lvl you will simply be a high lvl
    that is of no use to any one. We understand that some lvls are a PAIN,and will be more than happy to help bump you through some of the rough spots, but only if we see that you are playing and learning your class the regular way also. IF (and I mean IF) someone is nice enough to PL you please thank that person for takeing the time out to do so as that person could very well have been doing something to better his/her own toon and was nice enough to help you. During the run do not tell you powerleveler what to do or when to do it, He/She will take care of you, saying "Heal me", "Heal my pet", "Give me mana" ect is a quick and easy way to end a PL session. Keep this in mind, as some hot headed officers (and some not so hotheaded ones) may /disband you on the spot of being
    rude or disrespectfull.
  • Anon is accpetable among regular members but we ask that /anon is not overused. Anon is not accpetable for leaders nor officers to use. Leaders or officers can use /role when necessary.
  • Letting others use your IW characters: You are responsible for the actions of anyone using your account. If they disobey the IW rules, YOU are responsible. If you let someone use your account that is not an IW member please have them use /anon, and please have them /gu a quick "hello, this is not the regular player of this character. I hope you do not mind my /anon while I am borrowing them."
  • No raiding with outside guilds while Ill Will is hosting a raid or event. We respect that some of you are using us as a guild for your alts. However, we do request that if you cannot be present for an IW raid/event but are online at the time, please respectfully do not engage in outside raids or events.
  • We are a guild of friends and family. We love the fact that we have boxers in the guild. But it is appreciated if someone drops one of their boxes out of a group in order for another gulidie to gain admittance to that group. This rule cannot be enforced, but it is a preference of our leaders and officers
If any Of The Above Rules Are Broken, You will Receive a warning. Three
strikes and you are out! However, if a meeting of officers feels your
do not deserve 3 strikes, your guild tag will be removed. Disrespecting leadership, officers, or any other players is means for immediate dismissal as it will tarnish the IW name
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Guild Rules for Membership
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