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 Welcome to Ill Will - Introduction

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PostSubject: Welcome to Ill Will - Introduction   November 27th 2007, 3:58 pm

Guild Outlook

As of November 27, 2007 we are now the 4th and final member of the raid alliance EMMISARIES OF VIRTUE.The 4 Allianced Guilds are Ill Will, Norraths Helden, Spirit of Kael, and Wyrd Angels.

Ill Will is now one year old and full of many seasoned players. Located on Antonius Bayle, Ill Will is lead by Fleshgordon, Bozo, and Aidaen. We have come together with our past experiences to create a home for our many EQ friends. Over time we have grown to be much more than anyone had ever expected. Ill Will is for players who still respect the game for its classic EQ charm.

Ill Will takes us back to our roots. It reminds us that we all began at level 1 and have had to work our way to where we are now. All members will be treated equal and we will assist each other to create an information base that we all can benefit from.

All Levels, Classes, and Races are welcome to join our family. Todays level 1 is tomorrows level 80!

It is our intention to create a guild where officers have particular roles, those that want to raid have a sound raid team and raid base, and questions are always answered.

Today we embarke on another EverQuest Journey. Hope you join us!

Fleshgordon, Bozo, and Aidaen
Gulid Leaders

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Welcome to Ill Will - Introduction
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