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 My application

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PostSubject: My application   July 30th 2008, 4:37 pm

Hmmm seems I may have made a small fubar by trying to register
before I realised I could post an app without registering so it says
the user name Ragguluk is taken /facepalm. I will amend in the future
if the chance arises

Main: Ragguluk 71 Ogre Beastlord

AAs: I only have 89 as they have always been a bit of a mystery to me (more on that later)

Real Life: Names Mike, aged 36. I live with my partner and her two children.

Time zone: GMT

I've played EQ since about mid 2004, but I stopped in January 2007 because of the break up of my previous guild kinda made me lose interest.

Previous Guilds

I was a member of Twilight Dreamers until their demise due to lack of interest/a raid force with people having moved to other games. I was one of 3 raid loot officers which involved running the dkp auctions for loot during the raids as well as running website auctions for tradeable loot.

Other games

I have played SW:G, EQ2, Vanguard, a bit of EVE and WoW and most recently Age of Conan but none of them were of the standard (to my mind) of EQ.

EQ Returnee

I eventually received the Living Legends email and finally finished downloading and updating EQ around the 21/7 so only got a few days in before the promotion finished.

Previous Raid/group experience

With Twilight Dreamers I raidedas far as Time with a bit of GoD raiding shortly before the guild broke up.

Why Ill Will?

I have chosen to apply to you guys following a random group invite I received from Neeppunn, on Sunday afternoon, to go to RSS. It was my first group since returning on the LL promo and I met up with Siitrom, Loronithx, Darryth and of course Neeppunn. We had a great time, including a couple of wipes, and it reminded me of the good old days of guild groups and good laughs in guild and group chat. I understand that you guys are not looking at mandatory raids at the moment which suits me fine as I have just been promoted at work and the new job often involves bringing work home heance limiting my game time, however, if I am not busy I would try and attend every raid I can.

I currently only have 89 AAs but these do include/pet hold, MGB and Paragon as these were deemed necessary for raiding in Twilight Dreamers. As previously stated AAs tend to be a bit of a mystery to me and I would be looking for some advice if possible as I plan to get upto 200ish AAs before I go back to levelling.

I do tend to like my alts and am particularly fond of my 54 Dorf warrior although I realise he's too low for raiding at the moment.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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PostSubject: Re: My application   August 1st 2008, 8:11 am

Hi there welcome welcome hope to catch up with you in game Very Happy
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Recruitment Officer
Recruitment Officer

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PostSubject: Re: My application   August 3rd 2008, 4:59 pm

Hey man,

Was cool grouping with you in RSS, look for Loronithx/Drazilx/Worzel/Talaman/Bigred etc for an invite.

Hope to have you on board soon,

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PostSubject: Re: My application   August 13th 2008, 7:42 am

Look forward to seeing you in guild

I talk to the trees but they don't listen to me !

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PostSubject: Re: My application   

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My application
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